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This organization is open to King County residents under the age of 36 who declare themselves to be a Democrat. We aim to stimulate active interest in governmental affairs and help young voters influence elections. We only endorse candidates who uphold the progressive social and economic policies our county values.

KCYD Meetings use Robert’s Rules of Order. Find an easy cheat sheet here.

Executive Board

Chair: Matt Kanter | KCYDChair@Gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Redmond, WA
Legislative District: 36

Matthew Barry Kanter (Matt Kanter or Matty as the cool kids call him) was elected chair of the King County Young Democrats on February 26th 2017 after a previous term as KCYD’s Political Director. In addition to his experience with KCYD he founded YDWA’s Jewish Caucus and American’s with Disabilities Caucus (which he chaired and Vice-Chaired respectively.) he is also serving on the City of Seattle’s Commission for People with Disabilities, and was a 2016 Fellow with the Institute for a Democratic Future as well as a 2016-2017 Fellow with City of Seattle/Accelerator YMCA’s Get Engaged program. He’s had a passion for civics and bringing power to the people since a lack of input over his own education made him decide to drop out of high school (he later completed his diploma as well as receiving a certificate and classic training in Culinary Arts).

Professionally Matt left Culinary School to Sell knives, then recruit and train others to sell knives. After which he went to be a Sales Representative at Zillow, before a stint as a Digital Strategy and Communications Consultant with John Paul Comerford’s Campaign for State Treasurer, he now works as a Marketing Specialist at Microsoft on their Enterprise Services team. Outside of Politics, Civics, and work Matty enjoys cooking, traveling, and just enjoying life living in the heart of Seattle (Belltown in the 36th Legislative District).

Vice Chair: Cecilia Jeong | kcydvice@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Shoreline, WA
Legislative District: 43

Cecilia is a first generation Korean American raised predominantly in Shoreline, Washington. She attended the ‎UW for her undergraduate degree, where she was an English major, and then again for law school. ‎In law school, Cecilia held leadership ‎positions in the Korean American Law Student Association, the Minority Law Student ‎Association, and the Washington International Law Journal and was involved with the Immigrant Family ‎Advocacy Project and the ‎Entrepreneurship Clinic. During her summers, Cecilia interned at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, where she is now a first year associate attorney. Cecilia began getting involved in local politics last year when she participated in the Institute for a Democratic Future program. As the Vice Chair of the KCYD, Cecilia hopes to include and empower young people from communities not traditionally represented in the organization and local government.

Treasurer: Emily Krisher | kcydtreasurer@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Beautiful Seattle, WA
Hometown: Beautiful Seattle, WA
Legislative District: 36

A Seattle native, Emily twice left the 206 to study at Northwestern University and the University of Pennsylvania. She is now an attorney specializing in corporate, nonprofit, and bankruptcy work. In her free time, Emily likes baking, skiing, civil liberties, and snacking her way around the International District.

Communications Director: Brittany Smith | kcydcommdirector@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Kelso, WA
Legislative District: 43

Brittany Smith has 10+ years of arts marketing experience, specializing in digital marketing. Currently she is the Director of Marketing for Broadway Across America’s West Coast office, overseeing the marketing of touring Broadway productions for Seattle, Portland, Costa Mesa and Salt Lake City. Most days she can be found at a yoga class, attending one of the many arts venues in Seattle, or planning her next vacation getaway.

Legislative Director: Raman Khanna | KCYD.legdir@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Legislative District: 11

Political Director: Derek Richards | kcydpoliticaldirector@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Renton, WA
Legislative District: 37

King County Young Democrats (2016 Director of Events|2017 Political Director)
37th Legislative District Democrats (2017 2nd Vice Chair)
King County Democrats Central Committee (2017 Development & Events Committee)

I am excited to have been elected the Political Director of King County Young Democrats, there is a very real opportunity to win back a majority in our State Senate. The Republican controlled State Senate has been the biggest roadblock to progress on critical issues such as Voting Rights and funding Basic Education. I am excited at the opportunity to organize our days of action to help elect a Democratic Majority in the State Senate, along with some city council races in areas where there should be progressive majorities.
I am excited by the amount of enthusiasm from new members who want to get involved and make progressive change in their communities. Together, we are going to help build a progressive bench in King County and Take back the State Senate.

Events Director: Sarah Dickmeyer | kcyd.events@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Legislative District: 43

Social Action Director: Morgan Steele |KCYD.action@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Greenwood Neighborhood of Seattle
Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Legislative District: 36

Morgan Steele is the Social Action Director and eternal optimist of KCYD. She hustles on the ground in King County to connect Young Dems to meaningful actions and facilitate community building among our members. She graduated from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC in 2013. After growing up with a mother and two grandmothers that worked as nurses, her passion for health care access for all led her to complete more than 350 hours of community service and conduct an independent public health research project in the indigenous communities of Chile. Since college, her passion for organizing and community service has taken her around the United States and includes implementing the Affordable Care Act for Planned Parenthood, organizing for Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president, working for Fuse Washington, and now serving on the KCYD executive board. Morgan is a fluent Spanish speaker who miraculously survived being bit by a scorpion while walking barefoot (like the hippie she is) through the desert of La Paz on the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. When she’s not wishing she had the ability to make happy hour snacks and wine appear out of thin air, Morgan can be found planning her wedding, exploring the beautiful PNW wilderness, and getting down to old school funk and soul music.

At-Large Director West: Terique Scott | KCYD.alw@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Legislative District: 35

At-Large Director East: Nathaniel Block | kcyd.ale@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Mercer Island, WA
Hometown: Goleta, CA||
Legislative District: 41

Nathaniel has been in the Seattle area now on and off for seven years and is trying to make sure it is on for good. After leaving Washington to teach in Las Vegas, he returned to go to law school at UDub (Go Dawgs!). When not doing law school related things, which is rare, he can be found eating, sleeping, playing sports, eating, sleeping, watching classic movies, eating, or sleeping, or most importantly, helping to build up the bench of Democrats on the Eastside to serve on boards and run for office now.

At-Large Director South: Hamdi Mohamed | KCYD.als@gmail.com

KCDCC Rep. Female: Afton Larsen |kcydrep1@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Legislative District: 33

KCDCC Rep. Male: Ian Jacobsen | Kcydrep2@gmail.com
Currently Resides: Kent, WA
Hometown: Woodinville, WA
Legislative District: 47