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KCYD Re-Organization
Sunday, January 21st
Fado Irish Pub | 4:30 – 7:30 PM

Our chapter re-org and board member elections are just around the corner. The KCYD board welcomes members of all experience levels so if you’re interested, run!

To qualify, you must be a paid member of KCYD and 35 years of age or under for the full tenure.

If you are interested in running, email Matt at KCYDChair@gmail.com. You will also be asked to submit a statement of 450 words or less that will be added to the KCYD website.

All positions are up for reelection. Please see below for descriptions of the positions and current candidates.

Chair: The Chapter President, the administrator and lead organizer of the board.
– Current Candidate: Cecilia Jeong | Seattle, WA | 43rd LD

Vice Chair: The Vice President, assists the chair and acts as the chair in their absence
– Current Candidate: Emily Krisher | Seattle, WA | 36th LD

Treasurer: Manages the chapters funds.
– Sarah Dickmeyer | Seattle, WA | 43rd LD

Communications Director: Manages our chapters mailing list, website, social media presence, and eblasts.
– Current Candidate: Rio Fernandes | Sammamish, WA | 54th LD

Legislative Director: Keep members informed of issues facing federal, state, and county elected officials.
– Current Candidate: Tyler Mesman | Seattle, WA | 46th LD
My name is Tyler Mesman and I live and work in Seattle at Newman Partners, a political consulting firm focused on fundraising for Democratic candidates and progressive causes. Over the past year I’ve worked on ballot initiatives such as the Access for All (Yes on Prop 1) and Washington Won’t Discriminate (No on I-1552), I’ve been the principal fundraiser for Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and I’m currently working with an amazing team to flip the 8th Congressional District from red to blue on Dr. Kim Schrier’s campaign.

These experiences over the last year have touched on a variety of pressing issues confronting our elected officials at all levels of government. I’m excited not only to use these work experiences, but also my lived experience in the role of Legislative Director. As an openly gay man and someone who is betrothed to a Venezuelan immigrant – my rights and especially his rights – are continually up for debate upon on the national stage. I keep track of legislation as a hobby just so I know what choices being made are going to affect me and my family.

The KCYD Bylaws state the duties of this role are to “keep members informed of issues facing federal, state, and county elected officials.” This description is super ambiguous, but that’s what makes me most excited to run for this position – because it offers the freedom to create new empowerment opportunities for KCYD members to get involved in the political process.

As Legislative Director I will:

– Develop a set of one-pager fact sheets on important issues like immigration, healthcare, civil rights, etc. to make available to all members to develop our knowledge base and inform our opinions
– Work with the KCYD Executive Board and membership at large to develop a set of legislative priorities and create a plan to further those priorities through direct action to keep our elected officials informed of our values as Young Democrats
– Explore chapter interest in implementing new event ideas like policy roundtables/workshops, an issue-specific speaker series, and lobbying days
– Track active legislation at all levels of government – federal, state, county and city throughout King County to send out regular updates

Political Director: Manages endorsements, GOTV, and most things involving campaigns.
– Current Candidate: Alicia Bissonette | Seattle, WA | 43rd LD
“Don’t boo; vote.” Those words, said as a reaction on the campaign trail, have been a mantra for me this year. But political action, change, and movement don’t just happen during elections. Local groups and chapters, like the King County Young Democrats, are essential to the upkeep of democracy and the sustainability of values core to the Democratic Party, like inclusion, equity, and civil rights.

My background spans working on campaigns and with lawmakers, as well as with lobbyists, advocates, and interest groups. I have worked in multiple states to capture progressive wins, from protecting the Clean Water Act to keeping antibiotics out of food. I recently graduated with my masters in policy and public administration to continue this line of work. I currently work in healthcare, working to improve the equity in which care is delivered, with an emphasis on mental health and integration. I have also worked in direct service, on the front lines, caring for vulnerable populations that are more likely to be harmed by policy changes that lessen the social safety net and widen inequity. I am a fierce advocate for voting not only with your ballot, but with your dollar, your voice, your daily actions, and your service.

I am running for the position of political director because the personal is political, and these issues- from federal healthcare legislation down to city streetlight ordinances – affect our daily lives, and in a functioning democratic republic, we deserve a stake in these claims. Ultimately, all politics is local. If chosen, I will work with diligence to ensure our endorsements, campaign work, and GOTV run smoothly in an effort to amplify the voices of the members in this organization.

Events Director: Plans the events for our chapter.
– Current Candidate: Josh Friendmann | Seattle, WA | 36th LD
Hello! I am delighted to be back in my home town of Seattle after nearly a decade wandering the northeastern U.S. (Boston and DC) for school and political work.

After working for the Obama administration, 2012 campaign and barely surviving law school, I’m back here to practice law (doing real estate work for local infrastructure authorities, public employee pension funds, affordable housing developments, advanced manufacturers and various other regional employers) to try to get some school loans paid off. But more importantly, I’m excited to get involved in local politics again – past volunteering includes Clinton ’16, Begich ’14, Patty Murray ’10, Obama ’08, and Gregoire ’06. In addition to talking legislative procedure, I like camping, boating, live music and doing home-improvement projects on my parents’ house in Crown Hill (North Seattle).

Looking forward to working with you all to plan some awesome events and win some swing districts.

Social Action Director: Plans Community Service and Social Action participation for the chapter.
– Current Candidate: Morgan Steele | Seattle, WA | 46th LD

At Large Director – West: Recruits and advocates for members in Seattle, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, and immediately surrounding areas (must live in this area).
– Current Candidate: Patrick Burke | Seattle, WA | 32nd LD
As a Seattle native and having been raised in Shoreline during my public school years, local politics is very important to me. After years of traveling, pursing my passions in Theatre & Music, I am ready to contribute to my community.

On top of speaking on behalf of the King County Young Democrats goals and mission, a goal of mine would to be build membership and empower young voters of King County. All too often, it’s my experience that us Democrats love to speak of inclusion. It’s time to put action behind those words.The neighborhoods of North Seattle & Shoreline are growing in size. Especially, Families of Color. With the welcoming rising number of Non-White candidates, I believe it should be the prerogative of a political organization to match that.

With my experience in Production/Stage Management and recent political work, I believe I am able to accomplish this goal through connectivity, networking, and attending/creating community & school events. Having lived in the low-income areas of Chicago, Dallas, and the Bronx I strongly affirm my passion to accomplish this objective, all while offering support to the rest of the board & members in their endeavors.

At Large Director – East: Recruits and advocates for members as far North as Bothell, as far South as Newcastle, and all the way out to the Eastern County line. (must live in this area).
– Current Candidate: Nathaniel Block | Mercer Island, WA | 41st LD

At Large Director – South: Recruits and advocates for members south of Seattle and Newcastle up until the county line. (must live in this area).
– Current Candidate: George Vandino | Federal Way, WA | 30th LD

KCDCC Rep – Female: Represents KCYD on the King County Democratic Central Committee.
– Current Candidate: Afton Larsen | Seattle, WA | 34th LD

KCDCC Rep – Male: Represents KCYD on the King County Democratic Central Committee.
– Current Candidate: Austin Freeman | Kent, WA | 47th LD

– Current Candidate: Eleazar Loyo | Seattle, WA | 43rd LD

I am a first-generation Venezuelan-American that is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Washington. Besides being a member of KCYD I am also a member of the 43rd District Democrats and UWYD. I have both the passion and the free time to attend political meetings. Having said so, I am conscious that there have been concerns that many programs created by KCDCC are not possible to receive participation from the younger members of our party due to the fact working schedules are overlooked in part due to the prevalence of retired men and women in the committee. I the event of being elected, I will aim to increase the participation of young people by raising awareness of some of the constraints that have been overlooked in the past by our demographic. I know that I have only been a member of these organization for only 4 months by the time of the election, nevertheless, this is an excellent opportunity to bring new blood to the Young Democrats in this great county.